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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Hampton! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Hampton, VA. Founded more than a decade ago, We are your trusted service-based company that deals with your wildlife invasion problem. Whether you need a piece of free advice for a snake invasion or a remediation service for a full-blown rat infestation, we are here to help you. We offer the simplest way to remove your unwanted guest and ensure that they will be safe. We provide you with world-class customer support that will make the entire experience pleasant. We are composed of a diverse group of people who shares the same values and beliefs. We require our people to complete an apprenticeship first before they are allowed to work in the field. We also advise them to participate in our annual seminar and training program to refine their skills. Technologies and devices related to wildlife removals are continuously evolving. We want to make sure that our people can operate this with ease. We are in partnership with various companies and local businesses. If a raccoon has damaged your ACU unit, we can refer you to a trusted company. If mice have busted your appliances, we have people who will deal with that. Rest assured that we can satisfy your demands and deliver a lasting result. Call us now at 757-637-6236 for your Hampton wildlife control needs.

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Hampton Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Signs to Look for to See if Virginia Armadillos Are Under Your Porch or Shed

You will know how irritating an armadillo can be once it invaded your Hampton property. An increasing number of homeowners are discovering the destructive behavior of this creature. They have an incredible digging habit and can easily damage our landscape. The patches on our lawn will make it appear unsightly. Maintenance can be a trouble especially if there is an active infestation of armadillo happening in your yard.

Signs of Armadillo Infestation in Your Yard

In order to stay away from expensive repairs, you will need to pay attention to the common signs of a Virginia armadillo infestation. Usually, the entrance of their den can be found under your porch or shed. You will need to control their activities once you notice the signs that we will mention below.


Usually the damages that you will incur from the infestation of the armadillos will be related with their digging habit. You will see some holes in your flower bed and vegetable garden. The holes and patches in your yard is a sign that the armadillo is hunting its food. The holes that they create can destabilize the foundation of your landscape. It can also affect your structure and driveways. There can be shallow holes that are around 1-2inches in terms of depth.

Uprooted Hampton Plants and Flowers

When there is an active infestation in your Virginia property, you will also notice that your plants and flowers have been uprooted. Armadillos are persistent hunters and when they are hunting for larva and worms, they have a tendency to uproot the seedlings and flowers. Apart from the holes in your yard, pay attention to the uprooted seedlings and plant in your yard that can be a tell-tale sign of armadillo infestation.


The infestation can also be identified on the presence of tracks of the armadillo. The tracks will have four toes wherein the two toes in the center will appear elongated. On the other hand, there will be 5 toes on their rear feet. The three toes in the middle of their rear feet will look extended. All of the creature claws will be visible on the track. It does not require any expertise to discern the tracks of the armadillo to other wild animals.


Apart from the damages on our Virginia lawns, there are other types of damages that will help you determine that there is an armadillo living under your porch or shed. In case there is a loose soil under your porch and you notice some structural damage on your concrete shed, then this can be a sign that the soil that holds the structure has been disturbed. This can be an indication that there are burrowers living under the shed.

Familiarizing yourself on the common signs of a Hampton armadillo infestation will allow you to act immediately and thwart the possible damages that they can cause. On the off chance that you find the removal method too complex, be sure to hire the professionals who will assist you when you notice these signs.