Easiest Ways to Totally Get Rid of Bats in Your Hampton Attic

When the Hampton bats are on their natural habitat, they can help in keeping the balance of the ecosystem. They are an excellent mosquito repellent and they can fertilize the soil with their guano. However, there's a huge difference between a colony of bat in the wild and in your attic. As time passes by, the droppings of bats in your attic can accumulate significantly that will lead to structural damages and transmission of the disease. 

How to Keep the Bats Away from Your Attic

Eliminating the bats from your Virginia attic will not be that easy especially if you have no experience in dealing with bat infestation. If you must remove them from your attic, you should hire a bat removal expert to deal with the process professionally. These few tips will help you prevent bat problems. 

Know the Type of Hampton Bat

There are different types of Virginia bats all over the world. The brown bats are probably one of the most common bats that will invade your attic. The male brown bats are typically solitary whole the female species will form a large colony. You can find many bats in your attic during the nursing season. They will leave your attic once the babies are strong enough to live on their own. They will also move out to hibernate on caves during the winter months. However, there are also type of brown bats that may hibernate in our attic. 

Understand the Behavior of Bats

Bats are naturally drawn in the chimney or attic since it resembles the setting of the cave. Just like the rodents, the bats also have the capability to determine any changes in air pressure that permits them to locate for a hole that they can use to enter and escape the property. Once they made it inside, they will be staying at the concealed space of your attic. They will be choosing our attic since the temperature in this area is higher. 

Bat Removal

Bat control method can have a simple concept but executing them can be tricky. Your goal is to eliminate the Virginia bats and prevent the from returning. Failure nay lead to the death of the bats in the obscure areas of your house. If you plan to use exclusion device, you should conduct this at the best timing. The months of March-May would be the best time to perform the exclusion. You will start by sealing the entry holes that you found in your house. Avoid using wire mesh since they can use this as roosting place. To determine the entry points, pay attention to the movement of the bats when they emerge out of your house at night. This is where you will install the exclusion device.

Finally, you will have to ensure that the Hampton bats will remain outside your house. Making sure that your house is sealed properly will prevent them from returning. If they are using your chimney, install a chimney cap. For your vent, cover it with wire mesh or hardware cloth.

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