Best Methods to Kill a Skunk in Your Virginia Backyard

In case you live in an area where the population of the Hampton skunks greatly outnumbered the humans, then you are probably looking for ways on how to get rid of them. You will perhaps spend your entire summer season looking for an effective method that will eliminate the creature. Trapping would be an excellent method but you will not be allowed to relocate them in some places.

Killing the Skunk Roaming in Your Backyard

There are instance when releasing the Virginia skunk that you've trapped will do you more harm than good. If you are forced to choose the lethal method, we recommend using only the method that will deliver a quick death to the creature. 


Poison is one of the cruelest methods that you can use. There are two types of method; the coagulant and non-coagulant. Depending on your preferred poison, the skunk will suffer for a few hours to a couple of weeks. It will experience several side effects such as diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting, and organ failure. The poison will continuously release chemical that will contaminate your soil and perhaps your water sources. The spores may also irritate your respiratory tract. Furthermore, there are no poisons that are specifically designed for skunks.


Shooting will only be a humane method if you can target the Hampton skunk on its head. Unfortunately, since the skunk in your backyard is a moving target, it will be quite difficult to hit them directly on its head. Hitting them on the other part of the body will cause the creature an unnecessary suffering which is against the law. If you live in a highly populated area, there is a high chance that you are not allowed to use firearms. Check the local rules and regulations before using this method. You may also want to ensure that you will stay protected on the possibility that the bullet might ricochet.

Death by Asphyxiation

Perhaps the most humane method to kill them is to trap them first using a Virginia live trap. After capturing them, you can then take them to a wildlife or animal center that will euthanize animals through gas chambers. They may either use carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. As the oxygen in their body is being replaced by a heavier gas, they will fall into a coma. There are also some states that has banned this procedure so be sure to ask the local wildlife center first.

Some Hampton people choose to drown them and poison them but all of these are inhumane and the creature will experience intense pain and suffering before they die. These are all against the jurisdiction that may lead to hefty fines and punishments. For a better solution, you can ask the help of the skunk removal expert to deliver a better solution to your infestation issue. They have a range of equipment and method that allows them to extract the creature safely from your property. Aside from that, they are in partnership with private landowners allowing them to find a suitable place to relocate them.

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