Are You Protected By Virginia Law to Trap Rats?

Apart from the islands found in New Zealand, Antarctica, and Alberta, every place all over the world have to deal with Hampton rat infestations. The methods that they will use will vary. Some will use the lethal methods while others prefer to use traps. However, before you start using your preferred method, you might want to familiarize yourself on the legalities that surround the rat removal.

The Legalities of Controlling Rats in the US

Based on the common jurisdictions that exist in the US, you are allowed to kill Virginia rats. In fact, some states even encourage you to kill them. However, there are also some exceptions to this rule. Some locations in the US have enacted laws that restrict the controls of rats.

  • American residents are advised to consider the risks of their method to Hampton pets and children. You are also probably at risk of dealing with a legal claim related with economic loss. Unless there is an obvious lack in considering the related consequences, you will not have to face criminal liabilities.
  • Some states permit resident to use poisons; however, according to the law that has been enacted last 2012; the Virginia rat poison that you will use should have a proper package that makes them completely inaccessible to kids and pets. Poison that can be scattered should never be sold to the public.
  • All states are allowing the residents to use cats and dogs when controlling the population of the rats. Nonetheless, rats-for-sports are considered illegal. There has been past arrest made by the US authorities as per the request of the PETA.
  • In the Washington DC, the removal specialists are required to release the wild rats. They should preferably be released in nearby communities such as Maryland and Virginia. The state is also encouraging their resident to relocate the family of rat with the help of the wildlife removal expert. 

  • The Legalities in Canada

    There are parts of Canada that are free from the infestation of rats. The authorities of Alberta will not only be advised to fumigate the shipped goods that are showing signs of rat activities, they have also been authorized to use firearms to prevent the vermin from invading their area. Nonetheless, HealthCanada has been recommending homeowners to utilize a different method of removal.

    The authorities do not advise their residents to trap the rodents since most rats will have the capacity to return to their property. Regardless if they need to cross rivers or to traverse miles of roads, they can go back to their territory. This means that this limit the option of the residents when using humane method. While the rats are returning to their territory, they can carry parasites such as fleas and may be infected with pathogens that can increase the transmission of zoonotic diseases to humans. The winter season of Canada can greatly deter the return of the rats in the home of the local residents.

    In case you want to know more information about the jurisdiction in your state with regards to the removal of rats, you should call the local wildlife center. They will help you stay in compliance with the law while getting rid of the nuisance creature in your house.

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