Complete Guide on Identifying the Symptons of a Sick Hampton Squirrel

Veterinarians are required to provide supportive care to an injured or sick Hampton animal. When we encounter a sick animal such as squirrel, our next action is to take them to a nearby vet's office to acquire medical attention. Preferably, we need to find someone with knowledge on exotic pets and wildlife creatures. However, the service of the veterinarians is not always available. There are instances when you need to seek the help of the wildlife rehabilitators.

Possible Condition of the Squirrels and Their Symptoms

Before you carelessly interact with a sick Virginia squirrel, you need to know first if the disease will not be transmitted to you. Squirrels are carrier of zoonotic disease that can be transferred to pets and humans and in some cases, it can be deadly. To provide you with a basic understanding on the possible illness of the squirrel, we enumerated some of adverse condition of the squirrels as well as their symptoms.

Dehydrated Squirrel

A weak Virginia squirrel does not instantly mean that they have a grave illness. They are probably just dehydrated. The water is an important element that the squirrels used for their digestion. Once their supply of water has been depleted, their body will not function properly. Start by checking the nose of the squirrel, it should be wet. Their mouth should also be moist. In case it is necessary, you can use the pinch test. Hold their skin at the back and release it. Normally, it should revert back to its original state immediately. In case it did not, there is a possibility that the squirrel is dehydrated. If they are dehydrated, you should never feed them with a milk formula. You should instead use a Pedialyte when rehydrating them.


This condition may be difficult to diagnose since it can mimic the symptoms of other medical conditions. In case you suspect that the squirrel is experiencing a shock, you will need to keep them warm. You should keep them contained and safe. Place them in a dim and quiet location. It is very important that you should never add to the stress that they are already experiencing. In case the squirrel refused to drink or eat, you should call the help of a wildlife rehabilitator immediately.

Sick Hampton Squirrel

As we mentioned earlier, the squirrels are vulnerable to a range of diseases. Most of these diseases will not be understood by your regular vets. The vets will most probably prescribe them with antibiotics but it may not deliver the result that you are hoping for. Some of the symptoms that will require immediate medical attention include:

  • Spasms and seizures
  • Thick incisor
  • Obvious signs of parasites
  • Blood in the stool and diarrhea
  • Lesions, scabs, and rashes
  • Discharge on their mouth, ears, nose, and eyes
  • Coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and shivering

  • In case you noticed some of the signs we mentioned above, it is highly recommended to call the help of the Hampton professionals. They are equipped with experience and knowledge to provide an immediate treatment to the poor squirrel.

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